HPE Storage File Controller Recovery Software - Media Only - Backup & Recovery - DVD-ROM

Availability 19998
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Model Number: Q9D45A
Description: HPE Storage File Controller Recovery Software - Media Only - Backup & Recovery - DVD-ROM

General Information

Manufacturer Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Manufacturer Part Number Q9D45A
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.hpe.com
Brand Name HPE
Product Name Storage File Controller Recovery Software
Marketing Information

Efficient: Saves You Money and Time

HPE Storage File Controllers come with pre-configured hardware and Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 pre-installed. Go from out of the box to online fast with configuration workflows tailored depending on attached array.

Attach the HPE Storage File Controller using Fibre Channel or iSCSI ports on your array with support for multiple 8-node clusters per array and multiple file server roles per cluster.

Know that you are backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Services support specialists who are trained in file storage, and who are ready to assist if needed.

Optimized: Tailored for File Services

Utilize a broad range of file access protocols, including Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL Server application storage over SMB.Scale file share capacity with support for up to 64TiB usable per namespace, and leverage data deduplication and compression to optimize capacity efficiency.

Advanced data management automatically improves use of resources, compliance with data retention policies, and protection of sensitive files, and Hosted BranchCache reduces branch office WAN usage by caching frequently-accessed files locally.

Leverage snapshots to enable user-driven file and folder recovery to ease administrative burden and enable end-users to quickly recover from simple errors.

Secure: Protect Your Data Always

HPE Storage File Controllers can protect data while at rest with file system encryption, and while it is being transferred with SMB encryption and signing.

File Classification Infrastructure can dynamically identify files based on sensitivity and implement sophisticated access controls based on your organization's requirements using Active Directory Rights Management Services.

Reduce cost and complexity by installing antivirus scanning software and data protection agents on-board. Native Microsoft Azure support allows you to seamlessly store backups of data to the cloud, using your Azure subscription, for protection against disasters and catastrophic failures.

Highly Available: Prevent Disruption to Your Business and Users

HPE Storage File Controllers increase uptime with standard features such as near continuous health monitoring with HPE Active Health System, mirrored operating system solid-state drives (SSDs), and advanced memory protection.

Confidently deploy large file systems with file system online self-healing that reduces the need to take systems offline, online verification, and precise and rapid repair that reduces downtime from file corruption from days or hours to minutes.

Cluster up to eight file controllers for high availability and with transparent failover, enabling continuity of data access in the event of a failure or for online rolling maintenance updates.

Protect data from simple user errors to catastrophic failure using native replication for data sets up to 100 TB

Distribution Media/Method DVD-ROM
Product Type Software

Product Information

Software Main Type Backup & Recovery
Software Sub Type Backup & Recovery
Software Name Storage File Controller Recovery Software

License Information

License Type Media Only