Asset Management

An Integrated Solution for Asset Management

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It’s no secret that we’re in the age of cloud computing and integrated solutions. Asset management should be no different than other multifaceted areas of your business. Strategic Sourcing Inc. (SSI) is taking procurement to the next level by offering a wide range of IT asset management tools easily accessible at your fingertips.

As an IT professional, you are responsible for the quality, maintenance, and replacement of devices. Devices can break, get lost or require updates, which can your company unnecessary revenue without the proper asset management. Thanks to SSI’s integration with ServiceNow, IT professionals have a simplified, automated process for tracking and managing devices. Our asset management solution gives you the vital data your business needs to manage your IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle. SSI’s integration with ServiceNow simplifies this experience even more.


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Successful IT Management with ServiceNow

Strategic Sourcing Inc. revolutionized IT operations with our cloud solution. With a single-pane-of-glass platform, ServiceNow can consolidate your business’s IT services while improving IT productivity. Aside from this, your business can receive real-time analytics that deliver unparalleled visibility throughout the IT value chain.

Not only can you gain new insights into performance trends and forecasts, but you can also drastically enhance overall operations by anticipating trends based on current environments and past performance. The best feature is that you can do it automatically with SSI.

With SSI’s ServiceNow integration, we provide a seamless integration of the asset tag and serial number by automatically feeding the data into the ServiceNow application immediately after placed orders. This saves both time and resources while significantly improving accuracy. ServiceNow provides a variety of solutions to help you better run your business, including:

• IT Management

• DevOps

• Service Organization

• IT Operations Management

• Security Operations

• IT Business Management

• Governance, Risk, and Compliance

• Asset Management



Custom Solutions Are Essential

Use ServiceNow for On-Demand Customization

ServiceNow’s asset application has a homepage overview that displays an advanced assessment of all your assets, including hardware, software, licenses, and more. You have the ability to further customize this overview by adding or configuring widgets as you please.

To explore individual assets, choose the module tied to the asset category of interest, and that category will list the related assets. In addition to the essential data easily viewable, you also can access serial numbers, device location, and assignment information. Search for further specifics like which contract an asset is tied to, whether for warranty or insurance purposes. ServiceNow organizes all processes for managing IT assets, providing insight throughout its development from planning to disposal.